What is Recrewtr

Recrewtr is a service that connects the freelancing community to individuals or businesses seeking their services. Recrewtr is a low-commission entity, because, who likes paying high commission rates when you’re the one producing the work? While we would love to offer our services at zero-commission, we have to account for administrative and marketing expenses which ensures that our business is sustainable. However, it is our intention that with the continued growth and success of our platform, we are fully committed to reducing those fees. Recrewtr is free to join for freelancers. We believe that freelancers should be able to earn a sustainable living through their talents Recrewtr also offers its freelancers various membership packages at a flat rate to promote their skills and talents.

Our membership structure helps to ensure quality services and jobs are being provided to those who purchase on Recrewtr. Recrewtr strives to be different from the rest which is why we introduced our Recrewt Anywhere Feature. This feature will level the playing field for freelancers who offer in person skills and talents. The ‘Recrewt Anywhere’ feature allows freelancers to provide permitted in-person services while creating a secure payment channel for both sellers and buyers. With this feature, we are able to give more freelancers the ability to showcase their talent. The Recrewtr Search Engine is your new best friend for getting your projects done at the best price.

Why use Recrewtr?

With Recrewtr you can communicate with freelancers before purchasing any service. Our customer service and Dispute Resolution Center will assist in making the buying and selling process as seamless as possible.

Secure Transaction
Payments made on Recrewtr never go from Buyer to Seller. All payments are held by Recrewtr until project milestones are met or the job is delivered. See Terms of Service and Terms of Payment for further details.

The Best Freelancers
Recrewtr through our review, membership and level system provides the best freelancers to get your project done at the best price.

How Recrewtr Works

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