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Why Use Recrewtr?
  • Safe

    With Recrewtr you can communicate with freelancers before purchasing any service. Our customer service and Dispute Resolution Center will assist in making the buying and selling process as seamless as possible.

  • Secured Transaction

    Payments made on Recrewtr never go from Buyer to Seller. All payments are held by Recrewtr until project milestones are met or the job is delivered. See Terms of Service and Terms of Payment for further details.

  • Top Freelancers

    Recrewtr through our review, membership and level system provides the best freelancers to get your project done at the best price.

How Does Recrewtr Work?
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  • Enter Your Project Needs

    Search for the type of job you need done

  • Select Your Freelancer

    Choose the freelancer that best suits your needs

  • Get Your Project Done

    Get the job done